Not What I Expected 

Unfinished Mail – May 2022

April turned out to be a rough month. Much of it I missed being sick the last 2 weeks. The best concert of the month was not what I expected. I’d been looking forward to seeing Rina Sawayama for 2 years. I loved her album and expected a rock show. When the show came near the end of the month I was disappointed to see that Sawayama wanted to go more Dua Lipa than Joan Jett. She had dancers and a slimmed-down band. She also stopped multiple times during the first 2 songs because of audience members needing medical attention. The stage chat was about old boyfriends and empowerment. 
The show that blew me away was one I was expecting the exact opposite. FEMMUSIC has been featuring Sasami’s videos from Squeeze. Based on the videos I was expecting a melodic experimental set. The night opened with a 3 piece woman punk band from NYC. They were listed as punk but were closer to thrash metal. 
Sasami came on with her bassist and drummer in monk’s robes that when disrobed revealed 2 large men wearing kilts. The set was fierce and tight. In 45 minutes Sasami was literally in my face throwing punches and even running the guitar cord into the crowd. The biggest disappointment was that she had no encore. Sasami is alt-rock with a fine edge. Add some covers and more originals so it can be a tight 90-minute set. Sasami made me a fan and should look at metal fests next. If Warped Tour were still around she would be perfect on it. 
Alex Teitz
May 8th, 2022