Holly Humberstone – Sleep Tight

Holly Humberstone, started catching feelings for a friend and didn’t know how to navigate the risk of losing them if she blurred the lines between friendship and romance. ‘Sleep Tight’, Holly’s blistering new single  via Universal Music Australia, was born out of these emotions during a session with longtime collaborator Rob Milton and 1975’s Matty Healy.

Of the song, Holly  shares: “It’s awkward trying to navigate catching feelings for a friend, as they are often feelings we might have been suppressing for some time. When they float to the surface, you have to weigh up the risks of getting hurt and potentially losing them in your life. I wrote ‘Sleep Tight’ about the uncertainty of friendships evolving into something more. The first summer out of lockdown was pretty crazy for my friends and I because we finally had our freedom back and acted like we had nothing to lose. This song takes me back to that time of what felt like no consequences and impending heartbreak”


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