Colorado – Companion & Carolyn Hunter

Companion announced the release of their single “23rd Street” and the release of their album Second Day of Spring on May 27th, 2022

“23rd Street” was written during a time saturated with change. We were living in downtown Oklahoma City, a couple blocks from the busy street the song is named after.

We were just a few months away from graduating college, Sophia had recently got engaged and was moving to a new state she barely knew a soul in, and we both had no idea what the coming year held for us.

In times of change, we often find ourselves experiencing a feeling we can only describe as “pre-nostalgia” — it’s the feeling, or realization, that things will never be the same as they are now.

Though you may come back to the same places, or reunite with old friends — the feeling you had then won’t ever quite come back the same way.

This song & this album perfectly encapsulate this feeling of impermanence, new growth, and change for us.


Carolyn HunterI actually wrote this song before Lovelight, and yet it’s the last to be released. I think that the huge amount of time between writing and producing served it well. By the time we were in the studio with it, I was much less attached to the original structure, and lyrics of the song. I was able to “lose control” as they say, and let Julian Peterson and Micah Tawlks work their magic on the production side.


Julian (producer) and I would sit at his studio (Wolf Den Studios) out on a hay farm and just have fun. This was the last of the batch of songs we were recording and so we had a unique final-stretch playfulness. We messed with robotic audio settings, we flipped choruses and verses, we cut everything and laughed about it.

It was a good time, and I think it shows in the track. Then of course you add Micah’s shimmering synth splash hook and we were just happy crying.


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