Colorado – YaSi & Neoma

YaSi – Prettiest Dress 

Imagine this: You’re wearing what can only be described as your absolute *prettiest* dress when you see it. The Godforsaken engagement photo from your ex. Damn it.

“Prettiest Dress” was co-written with Zach Ardente (Doze) and Bruce Wiegner (Bruiser), and produced by Bruce Wiegner (who also recently produced Katy Perry’s Electric, Cray, Set It Off, among others).

“Prettiest Dress” is the first of many singles YaSi is releasing throughout 2022, from slow-burning ballads to pop meets R&B, showcasing her versatility as songwriter and artist, with some tracks even switching seamlessly between Farsi (Persian) and English.


Neoma – Tears at Bae 

Ecuadorian singer-songwriter-producer Carla Huiracocha is Neoma. Today she releases “Tears at Bae”, the first single from her upcoming album HYPERREAL which will be released April 29 via Soundbreaker Records.

HYPERREAL is the follow-up (and sequel) to Neoma’s 2019 LP, Real. Now based in Denver, CO, Neoma, originally from Cuenca, Ecuador, has perfected her unique blend of bilingual vocals, sharp pop songwriting, and more experimental electronic flourishes. Speaking on the new single “Tears at Bae,” Neoma reflected on it’s inspiration, calling it “…a fierce, empowering, “bad bitch” song, inspired by a former lover and the end of a stagnant relationship.”


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