The Delines – Kid Codeine

Today, the Portland, Oregon based country-soul group The Delines share the third single and music video from their upcoming album, The Sea Drift, which will be released on February 11, 2022 via their new American label home Jealous Butcher Records. The new song, titled “Kid Codeine”,  has a 60’s pop feel and is more upbeat than previous singles; but the song captures the same weary world and deep, wistful emotions that musician and author Willy Vlautin has become known for. The song is accompanied by a music video starring The Delines lead singer Amy Boone, walking around the streets of the band’s hometown of Portland with her hair done up just like the song’s titular character “Kid Codeine”, who has a boyfriend who is a boxer and is described as always wearing a perfect bouffant hairdo “just to walk down the street”.

Speaking to the real life inspiration to the character of “Kid Codeine”, Willy wrote: “Years ago in Los Angeles, Richmond Fontaine was playing at a club downtown called Al’s Bar and after the gig the bartender invited us to a strip joint. She was maybe thirty-five and had a big bouffant and a twenty-one-year-old boyfriend who never said a word. Nothing. It was almost like she had him on a chain. She took us to a place where the dancers come to your table. The woman who came to ours was a friend of hers but a junkie and nodded out and crashed into our table. Drinks spilled everywhere but the bouffanted bartender got hers out in time and she and her boyfriend got up and she said, “I gotta run but bet the third horse in the fifth race at Hollywood Park tomorrow.” Man oh man, she was really wild and she drove the coolest car and nothing seem to phase her. I hadn’t thought of her in years but during the time I was writing The Sea Drift tunes I just woke up one morning and she came to me and I wrote the song.”

“The video is set in my favorite neighborhood of Portland, St. Johns. A neighborhood in the midst of a big gentrification swing. Amy was brave enough to be on camera and we tried to hit the old haunts, a lot of them closed down and ready to be bulldozed. I’m a big boxing fan and I wanted to incorporate Andy Kendall “The Scappoose Express”, one of the most famous boxers of the area. The fight we used was his title shot against world light heavyweight champion Bob Foster. Kendall got knocked out in the fourth but still what a feat. We were lucky enough to work with Gregg Schmitt, who’s one of the coolest cinematographers in the NW, and also a great editor in Zach Jones, who ran with the idea that both characters, Kid Codeine and “The Scappoose Express”, are now just ghosts to a city in a major economic boom and transformation.”


January 13th, 2022