Unfinished Mail – January 2022

COVID-when will it end

I write this as 2021 quickly comes to a close. The new word is omicron. The question is will it shut everything down again. Same problem. Different year. As we head into our 3rd year of the pandemic it feels depressing to come back to the same ground. We don’t know what new rules will stop us from going out… if we can go out. 
The good news is music is back. The bad news is it may be delayed. NYC Jazzfest and Folk Alliance are just some of the events being rescheduled for the next wave. It still looks like SXSW, Treefort and others are still in person but we wait anxiously for any news. 
During last month’s Best Of I found myself in a heated e-mail exchange. It was about the categories I missed. The Blues, Folk, and others that went by the wayside. I grew up on folk and acoustic so it was surprising to me that I didn’t have a category for it. I also have known many a blues player. That said, I can remember long before FEMMUSIC existed talking to someone about the sales figures for jazz and blues compared to the rest of the industry. I also have noticed that the Grammys have become repetitive in winners in the Blues. Shemeika Copeland should have a bookcase full of Grammys now. 
That brings up legacy artists. When I started FEMMUSIC I wanted to interview the big names but I was too small to do it. I did interview a number of them over time but still missed Tori Amos, Sheryl Crow, and many more. These days I’m more interested in “who’s next?” It is my pleasure to find an artist no one has heard of who changes my perception of music. I want to look to the future…not be bound to the past. Legacy artists are beginning to stop touring and are selling their catalogs. New artists are just making theirs. I also want to stop being repetitive. Consider it a resolution. 
Alex Teitz
January 1st, 2022