YAQI – I’m On It

Rising pop artist YAQI has just released her new single, “I’m On It.”  Produced by Tadja and written by singer-songwriter and producer Romy Dya, the track showcases YAQI’s saccharine vocals and ability to maneuver sleek, intricate beats. Following her impressive win at the Chinese Music Awards for Best Original Song, the songstress breaks into the US scene with a delectable pop track that’s sure to capture listeners everywhere. Fused with elements of R&B and hip-hop, “I’m On It,” describes that while maintaining balance in various areas of life can be tiring and difficult to maintain, you’re still fully capable.

“The lyrics ‘tryna be a goodie and a baddie that’s a lot, tryna be a model, singer, actress that’s a lot,’ that’s my real life,” YAQI explains. “I have so many auditions to do as an actor and new songs on the way as a singer. So many things in the works, but they’re the things that I’m passionate about.”


December 10th, 2021