Alex The Astronaut – Growing Up

Alex the Astronaut shares her new single “Growing Up” along with a sentimental video of the artist growing up from infant through to the release of her critically acclaimed debut album The Theory of Absolutely Nothing (2020). The Australian singer, songwriter and storyteller’s music has connected because she digs into what makes us human and on “Growing Up” we see that in spades. The new song is her first new single since The Theory of Absolutely Nothing’s release last summer.

“Writing music had become stressful, so I started going to the beach and snorkelling around with the fish. One afternoon I was snorkelling and thinking about my questions and my friends, and it came to me that it’s just like the handbook idea. That, at some point, everyone is kicked in the head with the realisation that there is no handbook and no answers – we’re all in this without training wheels and we just have to keep swimming together. That’s what ‘Growing Up’ is about. When I got home, I sat down on my floor — where I write all my songs — and wrote the whole song in less than a day.”

She adds, “Writing songs and meeting some colourful fish definitely exceeded all my expectations of how I’d spend my days as a grown up.”


November 18th, 2021