End of the Year Scramble

editor's desk
Welcome to the end of 2021 and the end is near. Doses of vaccines are being approved for children. Australia is opening up. Minus the continued death toll it would seem like normal. 
Apologies for the late issue. The end of October was a whirlwind and the end of November looks the same. I look at my “to do” list and it is killing me. As I’m receiving Christmas songs, I’m thinking about the Best of 2021 issue, Melbourne Music Week, and more all to do be done in a few weeks. I’m stressed. 
Welcome this month the return of Lindsey Whitehead. She used to shoot for us in Denver. She will now be shooting in San Diego. We are looking for photographers and writers. Please e-mail me if interested. 
I’d like to relax and catch up on sleep but that will be a while. 
Alex Teitz
November 4th, 2021