Sis – Double Rapture


Today Sis, the project of multi-instrumentalist Jenny Gillespie Mason, is announcing a new EP and sharing the lead single,” Double Rapture.”  Sis’ upcoming Gnani EP is due January 7th, 2022 on Jenny Gillespie Mason’s own label, Native Cat Recordings.

Jenny gave some words on the meaning behind the new single:

“With poem titles like Dirty Sexy Poem and What is the Pineal Gland?, Anna Swir (1909-1984) was a Polish poet who explored the space between animal sensuality and divine transcendence. Before beginning the process of writing Gnani, I’d stumbled upon her poem of two lines, “A Double Rapture”: Because there is no me/and because I feel how much there is no me. For her striking rawness on her own womanhood, Swir remained a muse to me throughout the process of writing the songs on Gnani. I’d been playing around with playing my Rhodes through an Ibanez multimode analog delay, and had also found an insistent yet fragile sounding percussion loop on Omnisphere. The song came together very quickly with these elements at hand, and the lyrics sprung pretty naturally from this idea of a double rapture, losing yourself in union with the Other.” @bandcalledsis

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