Colby Lapolla – Starving

“I started writing this track the month that I entered recovery from anorexia and orthorexia. It had all come to a head and gotten worse and worse for years, until my body finally started to shut down. I learned that I’d been malnourished most of my life, and that this mental illness had truly consumed me since I was around 5 or 6 (when I first started to hate my body and was put on diets). In fact, the number one reason I didn’t pursue being an artist until 26 was because I didn’t feel I looked good enough. The number one reason. When I finally had the words, I wanted to write about how not only was I physically starving, but that my history of abuse and trauma also left me starving in all areas of my life. I turned to alcohol for a long time, and then to even more intense restriction of food, and none of those things made it any better. I felt like I was always starving, for anything, for love. This song is my inner battle, with a four on the floor.” -Colby Lapolla on “Starving” @colbylapolla

October 11th, 2021