networking during covid
This week I went to 2 networking events. Prior to COVID, I loved networking. It was a place to meet new friends and contacts. During COVID I tried to adapt to Zoom networking and didn’t find it the same. It was harder. You could share more direct info but never knew if you were making a connection. This time I felt like I was getting on the bicycle again. The pedals were new and stiff. The first night I saw many old friends, which was wonderful. It was more of a reunion than networking. The 2nd night was harder. I knew some people but had to find a way to barge into conversations to find out who was there. Both nights were scary and wonderful at the same time. 
Welcome to October. The scary part of the month is that everything is busy. As we begin the journey into the cold months my schedule looks busier and busier. There are still festivals to be had and booking is crazy busy. Normally as it gets darker, earlier shows begin to slow down leading to a lull in December and January. Not this year. This year everything is busy. In many ways, the concert season is 2021-2022. I’m not sure what the new normal will be, and when we will see it. 
In September I had one week where COVID reared its head to many friends. Some needed testing. Others had a family member who caught it. It was a dark rough time. Now I’m hoping for good news this month. My mother turns 80 this month. She is a role model. She is often busier than I am. It is a family tradition to be busy and have your hands in many things. 
I’m raising a glass to everyone who is touring now. It is harder but so good to see you live. It’s been too long. 
Alex Teitz
October 1st, 2021