Moon Kissed

Artist of the Month – October 2021

NYC-based synth-pop trio, Moon Kissed, are gearing up to release their sophomore album, I’d Like To Tell You Something Important, due out October 22 — which also happens to be the night of their sold-out album release party at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, NY. Their latest single is “Strange Satisfaction.” 

On the new single, Khaya Cohen says, “Strange Satisfaction is another ode to masochism; to a sexy, deep attraction that makes no sense and which you know will hurt you in the end. The verses are about the allure of attraction that is addictive despite the consequences, the chorus is the candy that you can’t leave, and the song builds to a sweet melancholy release much like the experience of being with someone who is “no good for you,” but yet you are strangely satisfied by the whole experience. The dark production mixed with the pop-cutesy vocals shows the confusion and multifaceted nature of a deeply human experience.”

 The sultry and soft video mirrors a trio that is not Moon Kissed but who embodies the same energy of the band — proving that this truth is not just for them, but for everyone. Cohen says, “This video is about sweetness and messiness, beauty and nerves. Visually, it is polished and performed, but there are also moments of pure human interaction that are impossible to direct.” The video embraces the beauty of bodies, which is also something that is a signature for anyone who has ever been to a Moon Kissed show, where nudity is not something to be apologized for, but rather embraced and welcomed.


September 30th, 2021