Down In Denver Fest – September 4-6, 2021

Down In Denver

New Belgium Presents Down In Denver Fest

Larimer Lounge

Denver, CO

September 4-6, 2021


Saturday lineup: Lazaus Horse, Shadow Work, An Antiquated Bluff, Bluebook (solo), Brianna Straut, Brother Saturn, Desert Atlas, Emerald Siam, The Get Together, Luke Schmaltz, Mainland Break, Pale Sun, Pleasure Prince, Tesoro, Wave Decay, Zealot, DJ Afterparty, Desert Atlas, Cipriano, Tesero

Sunday lineup: Stone Riot, Star Hotel, Cheap Perfume, Retrofettes, Brother Saturn, Pink Hawks, Church Fire, The Dollhouse Thieves, The Dutch Treats, Jacy James Anderson, Kerrie Joy, Machu Linea, Molly Growler, New Ben Franklins, The Patient Zeros, Quits, Rowboat, Spyderland, Stone Riot, DJ Afterparty, The Nightshift DJs

Monday (Labor Day) lineup: Astral Planes, Joy Subtraction, Married A Dead Man, The Mssng, Shwarma, Tokyo Rodeo, Venus Cruz, Dayton Stone and the Undertones, We Are Not A Glum Lot, DJ Ginger Perry, Machu Linea, DJ Kaybay, Funk Hunk

August 30th, 2021