A Day In The Life

a day in the life
July has come and gone quicker than I expected. It’s a Friday night and I received nearly 60 new videos and songs today. It is new music Friday when music drops worldwide. To get a glimpse at my schedule, new music Friday normally begins for me at 10pm MST on Thursday. That is when new videos drop at Midnight EST. If I’m lucky I’ll see something good and have a lead on it for a few hours. I’m normally up by 5:30 to prep for 7am MST which is 9am EST when the next big batch hits. Around 10 or 11 MST I’ll start to get any West Coast releases. I usually try to keep a list of what is upcoming so I can prepare for it. The list is 24 pages long and growing. Normally by 5pm MST I’m slowing down posting. 
August is Underground Music Showcase (UMS) a local music festival over 3 days. It normally happens in July but because of COVID has been pushed back. It is a 3 day festival with national and local acts. This year it will also be a reunion of friends I haven’t seen since COVID began. We’ll see if Delta has us masked during it. 
The year is quickly coming to a close. This year the cycle is different. Normally I’d expect things to slow down for December & January. This year we’re still catching up with delayed tours so there will be no break. We’re all in overdrive. Welcome to the summer and the year of music which stretches from 2021 to 2023. 
Alex Teitz
August 1st, 2021