Mazie – dumb dumb

mazie just announced her debut EP, the rainbow cassette, out August 25th via Good Boy / Virgin Music. The music mixes modern malaise with vintage psychedelia: nostalgia laced with an impending sense of doom fueled by a world in ever-deepening crisis, as heard on her new single “dumb dumb,” available today. Written the day after the Capitol Insurrection, mazie notes “We had been discussing QAnon, misinformation and how quickly the internet has degraded the concept of ‘fact.’ The lyrics ‘Everyone is dumb’ just felt like a very fitting synopsis of those conversations.” She adds, “Lyrics like ‘I just wanna be the comic relief, making jokes not taking any responsibility’ were heavily referencing the memes from the Insurrection and how content like that so quickly degrades the severity of what was happening.”

July 8th, 2021