May-A – Swing of Things

MAY-A is 19-year-old Sydney based Maya Cumming. “Swing of Things” is the follow-up to her previous singles “Time I Love To Waste” and “Apricots,” which together told her story of falling in love for the first time while embracing a newfound sexual identity. “Swing Of Things” is about what happens after infatuation, where things fall apart.

‘Swing Of Things’ is about that longing feeling for things to go back to normal even though you know if you give yourself time to heal, you’ll be better than you’ve ever been. It’s about learning how to live life by yourself again once someone has left your life. Sometimes you need to cut a person off so both people can grow better separately, and most of the time that process sucks. ‘Is your heart out on your sleeve now you’re gone?.’ ‘Is the grass more green from where you’re from?’ are questions I was dying to ask both them and my future self. Ultimately, ‘was this worth it?'”

May 20th, 2021