Slothrust – Strange Astrology

“Strange Astrology is one of the only proper love songs I have ever written. It’s an honest exploration of what it means to love someone who is intrinsically different than you. It’s about hoping that those juxtaposing qualities and instincts encourage meaningful growth instead of chaos, but knowing that inevitably it will always be a bit of both. That is part of the fun of being in love with someone whose way of being starkly contrasts yours. I have always been fascinated by those differences and all the adventures and new perspectives they offer.”

The “Strange Astrology” video opens with Wellbaum in the center of a zodiac wheel of fruit, covered with with grapes, oranges and blackberries. Moving onto a chair, with a moon projected behind her, she rolls the soft skin of the grapes on her face, then stands up to shake out her overalls as more grapes fall to the floor. A pile of melons, apples, bananas, oranges on the floor get rolled, rubbed, pushed and danced with, and she plays and prods — raspberries get stuck on her fingers, strawberries get placed into lemons, papayas get squished and then a perfect slice of dragon fruit is held up where the moon projection once was, mirroring the night sky and all its mysterious constellations. On the video, Wellbaum says:


“The music video for “Strange Astrology” explores an idea I’ve always been fascinated by, which is: where do I end and you begin? We chose fruit to explore this theme because, in the moments where I find myself caught in a loop of existential dread, fruit has been a surprisingly grounding force. In a world with so much perceived chaos, fruit anchors me in a reality where all is intentional and perfect as is. It offers truly wild colors and has shockingly well-organized insides. Fruit is an epic sensory experience and full of surprises. Sometimes when I think about fruit, the presence of the void falls away and all is exactly as it is meant to be. In many ways, love and intimacy are mirrors of that experience. Also, the world needs more gay anthems about astrological connection and I am happy to provide that.”

April 16th, 2021