Pom Pom Squad – Lux

Today Pom Pom Squad drops “Lux.” It is their first new song of 2021. It also marks their beginnings as a City Slang Records’ artist. Mia Berrin & Julia Sub directed the video which recreates several specific shots from Sophia Coppola’s adaptation of The Virgin Suicides, and shows Mia Berrin’s colors as a lifelong fan of John Waters, David Lynch and Heathers, with an irreverent pastel-soaked high school narrative that cherishes the underdog.

“It’s about the fear of intimacy I felt as a teen that stemmed from negative early experiences of male attention,” she said. “The Virgin Suicides, one of my very favorite movies, captured that fear in a way that deeply resonated – the scene where Trip leaves Lux alone on the football field. He had gone through the effort of making her love him and then, when he got what he wanted, he left. I released the demo for this song on Bandcamp when I was in college and it ended up being played on Brooklyn Vegan’s blog radio on Sirius XMU. It was the first lightbulb that maybe I had a calling in music. The release has been a long time coming, but ultimately, I’m glad I waited so that I could really do right by this thing and simultaneously, by my teenage self.”

Julia Sub, who co-directed the video with Berrin added “Working on Lux was therapeutic for many reasons during the Covid-19 pandemic. Channeling my pent up energy and creativity into something collaborative, after a global lock-down, was so important to me during this time. The themes of our music video, I think, speak directly to an emotional state the world can currently and very easily identify with. Lux touches on the ideas of isolation, confusion and a yearning to escape. This project really challenged all those involved to push our creativity to new limits, overcome unbelievable obstacles and reminded us how uplifting collaboration is for the spirit.”

From City Slang Records: “City Slang is thrilled to welcome Pom Pom Squad into the City Slang family. We see Mia forging her own path, defying genre and expectation, in her songwriting and lyrical storytelling. The way Mia can nod to her influences, be they of the iconic 60’s girl group, characters from a John Waters film, or cutting edge fashion from today, while simultaneously spinning a beautiful and original story in her songs, is absolutely thrilling. This is the kind of record that makes you not only excited to see what you can do with an artist in a post-pandemic future, but also how you can build their career in the present circumstances. We cannot wait for you to hear this record in its entirety!”


March 2nd, 2021