Best Ex – Feed the Sharks

“It’s really hard to remind yourself that the online bandwagon is a horrible beast that preys on the most vulnerable,” says Mariel Loveland of NYC-based indiepop band Best Ex about her new track/video “Feed The Sharks.” “It wants to brutally devour someone it doesn’t even know for some perceived belief about how they are. It doesn’t allow for humanity. To me, it felt like I was feeding pieces of myself to sharks every time I opened my phone.”

 “Feed The Sharks’ is taken off her Good At Feeling Bad EP which was released on May 22, 2020 via No Sleep Records (Alcopop Records in the UK).

The “Feed The Sharks” music video was filmed during the first NYC COVID lockdown and Loveland says she wanted to play around with the color so it would represent how it feels when you’re in a “hole of internet negativity” — from the awful comments to the terrible news cycle. “There’s this Wizard of Oz moment,” she says, “when I step outside and realize the whole world is actually beautiful as long as you choose to go out and experience that beauty. I think that’s something important I often forget: the internet makes the world seem like a terrible place, especially during a pandemic when we can’t go outside and it’s like our lifeline, but it’s lying to us.”

February 15th, 2021