Kinlaw – Haircut

Today Kinlaw releases the third single off her upcoming album The Tipping Scale. The single is called “Haircut.” “Haircut” is a gentle ballad with themes of change and empowerment from the wildly creative Kinlaw.

“I cut my hair to confuse myself,” Kinlaw explains of the song. “It started as a mission to change who I was, to make a new and better version, but ended with my feeling like I no longer knew what I was mourning. ‘Haircut’ is a question of personal power, and even speaking on this song today has been challenging because it was written when I was unsure if I had any power left. I think “Haircut” can be a lot of things to many different people, particularly those who identify with the juxtaposition of in-depth, internal dialogue paired with everyday coping strategies. There is a sweetness to it, but also such substantial, unwavering difficulty. Today, I prefer to think of ‘Haircut’ as an anthem of resilience and an ode to the ways we keep going, we shapeshift, and we reinstall that there is a way to find what it is we are hoping to find.”

January 28th, 2021