Happy New Year!!!

Letter From The Editor
We made it to 2021! We have a vaccine. Now we only need to vaccinate 7.60 billion people for our life to be back to normal. The sooner the better. 
2021 is shaping up to be a big year in music. 2020 was gigantic with quarantine albums across the spectrum. 2021 will be a big launch year for the big labels and the big name artists. I expect to see the usual flood of releases before and after SXSW (Virtual) 2021 in March. We also have the Grammy awards in January. 
The question we’re all waiting for is when will touring return? Touring could start tomorrow if people were vaccinated and people would come. Both are hard questions. We’re all hoping summer of 2021 will be filled with tours and festivals. We’re all wanting 2020 to be a bad dream. We’re ready to wake up now. 
Here’s raising a glass to see 2020 gone and a new year begin. 
Alex Teitz
January 1st, 2021