Before COVID/ After COVID – 2020 The Year That Wasn’t 

empty opry
In 2019 I saw 172 shows. I came home late and woke up early and every night was an adventure. I was working with 5 photographers and working on getting them access every day. Before COVID hit I’d seen over 30 shows for 2020 and was eyeing some great shows to come. Then the world stopped. 
2020 is not the year the music died. It is something else. This year I’ve listened to more music than ever before but lost the live element. The streaming world has come in and I’m watching pre-recorded, or pre-staged shows. There isn’t as much stage chat and you feel a gap of the interactiveness of a live show. I miss the clubs. I miss the obnoxious drunk singing in my ear. I miss the overzealous teens rushing to the front of the stage. I miss the sweaty insanity of a sold out night. I miss the chance to talk to the band live and buy merch. I miss that moment when you exit a hot club to a chilly outdoors. 
I feel Zoomed out. I miss seeing my friends in the club. There is a magic to live music. You see both the good and the bad. Some of the best nights have had improvs and mistakes that make it human. 
2021 is the hope of live music…eventually. Will bands tour? Will fans come out? Will live venues survive to have them? 
My December issue is always my best of the year. I judge a lot by live performance. You can do anything in a studio. What you can do live changes it. This year it feels like a virtual extravaganza. I have more music to choose from but less of the soul of seeing it live. 
Happy holidays and let 2021 be the year it comes back better than ever. 
Alex Teitz
December 1st, 2020