The Terror

Letter From The Editor November 2020



Normally when I start a new issue I’ve been building up all month and have notes and leads to follow. Not this month. I feel more like I’ve survived a storm and am holding on to debris as I sort everything out. Sadly the storm hasn’t passed. Today is Halloween. I look forward to Halloween and watch scary movies. I’ll do that tonight after the work is done.

November is coming down to the first week. Forget Thanksgiving. Forget Veterans Day. In the US, Election Day(s) have been fought over for years now. I’m a Politico. I read multiple news sources when I wake up. I follow city races. I follow state races. I follow national races. In October I’ve seen multiple platforms dive into the election. FEMMUSIC is not a political site so I haven’t saturated you with my opinions nor made every post a political message. That is not to say that we don’t have themes that reverberate in FEMMUSIC. FEMMUSIC by its nature is about equality. FEMMUSIC is not about white men, nor white women. It is about music and trying to shine a spotlight on voices you may not have heard. Music is not a neutral platform. Music is a megaphone to the world of our views, our heartbreaks, our values…whether you dance to it or not. FEMMUSIC will always let the music play.

The Terror this November is the paranoia, fear, anger, sorrow that has made us all lesser beings. We have been bombarded from morning to night with messaging, ads, txts, calls, saying that the world will end if you choose the wrong candidate. We’ve been bottled up and subjected to this for months. We’ve been living in our own echo chambers. We worry about whether we will sing “Hallelujah” or “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” when it ends. I’m an optimist. I believe the sun will come up on November 4, and 5th. The planet won’t fall off its axis and leave us spinning into the unknown. The world will survive and so will we. The music will play.

Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. Repeat. One day this will be a memory.

Alex Teitz

November 1st, 2020