SAD13 – The Crow

Haunted Painting, Sad13’s sophomore album brought a darker introspective Sadie Dupuis forth. Today she releases the animated video for “The Crow.”

“The Crow” wound up the heaviest song on Haunted Painting, although the demo was originally inspired by Clairo and solo Rob Crow. I started the lyrics on a 22-hour layover in L.A. after hearing of David Berman’s death, trying to process the loss of an artist whose keen writing helped make sense of a convoluted world. Waiting to fly home, I posted up at Taix, a favored haunt of another favorite writer, Eve Babitz. Her work couldn’t be more different from Berman; in Black Swans, she writes about weekending at the Chateau Marmont during the L.A. riots, oblivious (“faint-hearted bottle blonde hiding out until the smoke just passes,” I wrote in the lyrics.) It can be tempting to embrace frivolous luxury when horrific shit happens nearly every day and your brain’s had enough.

 Jono Ganz is a great illustrator who has done music videos for friends’ bands like Supermilk and Cheerbleederz. On this one, he drew inspiration from mid-20th century film title cards, horror and otherwise. I spotted Spider Baby, The Dunwich Horror, and Halloween among his references, but also Bond movies and Bonjour Tristesse (surely also a favorite of Babitz.) I love typography and text art so it was a treat for me to have Jono bring this song and its words alive alongside some very cute movie monsters.”

October 30th, 2020