Kaatii – Afraid of the Dark

Kaatii is a 14 year old upcoming singer-songwriter. Today she brings a take on Halloween and paranoia, in paranoid times.

“Afraid of the Dark is all about being unnecessarily paranoid for no real reason. You know, when your mind gets a little bit twisted and a coat looks like a ghost. The song is a fun take on something that is not fun at all,” she explains.

“The inspiration for this song came from one really horrible night of sleep in a remote cabin in Colorado,” Kaatii shares. “I was in Breckinridge for a songwriting retreat and the very first night I ended up having the worst paranoia of my life, going in and out of what felt like sleep paralysis. In the morning, my co-writer, Kara Connolly, and I ended up writing this song after she was too afraid to sleep as well.”


October 16th, 2020