Death of Ego 

Letter From The Editor
Death of Ego
Is there sunlight? Is it day? It is night? The days have blurred together so much it is hard to tell what month it is. All we know is it is still 2020 and things are still bad. Last week SXSW announced 2021 would be virtual. Last year when they cancelled the world stopped. Now it is one more festival to watch on a monitor instead of in person. 
The title of this month’s Letter comes from an interview I saw with Phoebe Bridgers. Artists live to express themselves and without the energy of an audience it is all static. When your ego is based on that feedback, you are unsure of yourself in this time. The clichés of WWII perseverance have grown old as well live behind closed doors. Sadly all the forecasts I see say no live music until 2021. Keep writing. Keep producing. As the winter comes the days will be shorter and the nights longer. Use the dark to your advantage. Your ego is as much who are you, as what you do. 
I’m still eyeing some online festivals for the end of the year and the music keeps coming. 
Alex Teitz
September 30th, 2020