Rituals of Mine – Trauma

Rituals of Mine is releasing Hype Nostalgia on Friday September 25. Rituals of Mine is the project of Terra Lopez. She has just released the single “Trauma.”

“While writing HYPE NOSTALGIA I was really working through the concept of intergenerational trauma and realized that I’ve been carrying my parents’ individual traumas my entire life,” says Lopez. “To realize that you’ve been living with someone else’s pain for so long was a very emotional headspace to be in and I was determined to start the process of shedding that mental weight so that I could break the cycle of abuse, violence, and suffering that I was born into. The line ‘trauma could never figure me out’  is an ode to myself and to the fact that despite the circumstances around me, I didn’t succumb to it. I persevered, I continue to persevere. This song is for anyone that might resonate with fighting every single day to break the cycle. If you know, you know.”

 Lopez further explains the video, “To be able to take heavy subject matter and create something with your friends was very healing and cathartic. Vanessa Rees took the amazing photos that you see throughout the video to help give it some texture and I just love the contrast and the urgency that the photographs bring. It reminds me of a forensic investigation, which is sometimes how exploring your own trauma can feel like.”


September 23rd, 2020