Leah Belle Faser – Better Than Mine

Leah Belle Faser is releasing her debut EP, Crossing Hermi’s Bridge on October 16. Faser, at 16, seeks a place among country artists from Swift to Cline.

“At my age, I don’t have as much life experience as other writers. I have to write about what I know whether it is an experience I’ve actually had in the past or a fear I have about the future,” she explains. “I write about simple things in a simple way, that allows room for listeners to reflect on their own life experiences.”

The EP’s title, Crossing Hermi’s Bridge refers to a bridge in Faser’s hometown named after Hermione Alexander, a civil rights and social justice activist who died in 1983.  “The plaque on the bridge reads ‘She built bridges across gulfs of prejudice and ignorance’ and that is something that I hope to do in my life through music or in whatever way I can.”

The first single is “Better Than Mine.” It is a playful take on parting words on a relationship and having them reversed.


September 16th, 2020