Mackenzie Dayle – Cut You Out

Canadian singer-songwriter Mackenzie Dayle has dropped “Cut You Out.”

“This song was specifically written for, and dedicated to, any human being in the world who has a Toxic person in their life, who they seriously need to cut out. And to celebrate those who have already done so. Whether it be a Friend, Partner, Family member, Co-worker, Employee, Boss, etc, I want to empower anyone listening to take the powerful step of removing them from your life, pronto. Over many years, I myself had some very toxic individuals taking up way too much space, and energy in my life. It took me too long to realize they had to go, especially since they would often reel themselves back in through fake apologies, guilting and gaslighting. After awhile, I realized how much of my power I was giving up to these people, and finally found the courage to cut them out of my life. I released them all from my circle in a short time span after that realization, and it was absolutely AMAZING!”

September 10th, 2020