Hot Summer

Letter From The Editor – August 2020

Hot summer_

The summer has been heating up across the board. From the increase in COVID cases, to the increase in protests, the world continues to turn in a fiery mess. July has been a busy month for music, and I’m beginning to get the October releases. A few days ago Taylor Swift dropped her latest album which means anyone else who did was ignored. I also heard word of Kylie Minogue dropping a new album soon too. You can see the oxygen leave the room when big releases are put out. Swift’s videos had millions of watches before being 12 hours old. 
You may notice a theme this month. I have 2 country tracks that came in late but were instantly appealing. In July the Atlantic had a wonderful article on the lack of diversity within country music. I will admit that partially influenced bringing you Reyna Roberts. 
August continues to look to be hot. I don’t expect COVID, the protests or music to die down anytime soon. Stay safe and keep listening. 
Alex Teitz
August 1st, 2020