Kaatii– Swept Up


At 13 years old, Kaatii—born Anna Katherine—calls the shots.​ While most young teens spend their free time at the mall, playing video games, watching movies, or attending summer camp, Kaatii is in the studio, writing with artists twice her age, and working on her craft.

As recent collaborator, award-nominated singer-songwriter, Kara Connolly, puts it, “She’s playing the guitar, providing a playlist of reference tracks, selecting sounds, sending mix notes and confirming revisions…Kaaiti is the real deal. She’s driving the ship.”

Kaatii says, “This song means a lot to me because I wrote it as a form of release – as a way of unloading my feelings. It is something I can use to vent, but I can also rock out and have a great time while playing it. I hope that anyone feeling stressed can get away from whatever is happening in their lives for a moment to unwind and get swept up in the song instead of their own thoughts or fears.” https://www.kaatii.com/


Kaaiti-Swept Up Single Cover

July 31st, 2020