Liza Owen – Why Aren’t We Having Sex?

Liza Owen has written for Selena and BTS. This half Cambodian and half English star breaks through with a single that will stuck with you and visuals that won’t let go.

As if guided by serendipity, she stumbled upon a pink neon sign with the words, “Why Aren’t We Having Sex?” and used it to illuminate a Studio 54-themed party she hosted. Those words seeped into the concept of her first bold and bright banger “Why Aren’t We Having Sex?” Now, she has all the makings of a smart and subversive star.

“I wrote ‘Why Aren’t We Having Sex? ‘ a few hours after checking into the most ridiculously sexy house I’ve ever stayed in,” said Liza. “It felt like a ‘70s James Bond villa. With the mood being just right, the light just right and the drinks flowing…Isn’t that the question on everyone’s mind?”

July 10th, 2020