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Today is Juneteenth and June has already seemed to be half a year long. When June began we expected our focus would be on PRIDE month. The narrative changed with the George Floyd Protests. June is now a celebration of many things from Black empowerment to LBGTQ rights and recognition. July, I have no predictions on what the narrative will be. The constant stream of companies, artists, and people trying to defend their legacy and embrace a world that has been here continues. From Black Out Tuesday to Black Lives Matter there has been a recognition that change will happen. Not when. Not if. 
The only constant has been a steady stream of music. I wake up every day to a new track or video from an artist I know or need to know. Music won’t stop for a pandemic or protest. There are still music videos made before lockdown that have high production value. I expect soon we will see a time where animation and homemade videos remain. Live shows are coming back slowly and there is the question of whether they will be safe. Right now only the largest promoters have a plan that is expensive. For those that think the virus is done…we still have a ways to go. 
July is typically the big festival month. I’m trying to preview streaming events as they come up. They are coming together quicker than ever. 
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay united. 
Alex Teitz

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