Katie Melua – A Love Like That

Katie Melua announces her new album Album No. 8 with the release of her track “A Love Like That.” Melua has been certified platinum 56 times for singles including “Call Off the Search”, “Nine Million Bicycles”, and “Fields of Gold.”

Speaking about the writing process of “A Love Like That” Melua says, “This song is asking the essential timeless question about mad love, ‘How do you make a love like that last?’ But before it became about love between a couple it started its life centred on my relationship with work and the stamina required to keep being an artist in the music industry. It was only after my co-composer Sam Dixon and I wrapped our session that I retreated to a cottage in the English countryside for three weeks to wrestle with the song’s lyrics. “A Love Like That” continues a narrative that is across the new album. And in the context of love, it is about having the courage to speak openly and freely.” For info visit http://katiemelua.com/

June 30th, 2020