Holly Humberstone – Overkill

Holly Humberstone has already released the singles “Deep End” and “Falling Asleep At the Wheel” off her debut EP coming out later this year. She now releases “Overkill” about that intense state of a relationship. 
Speaking of the release, Holly says: “The video for ‘Overkill’ was a pretty weird experience. Lockdown meant that we couldn’t shoot a professional video, so we had to improvise a little! My sister Eleri and I took an old VHS camera out at dusk into a forest near our home and she had me follow her through the trees, as I played along to ‘Overkill’. It was basically my version of the 5km run except I had no idea where I was going and it was impossible to see anything and not trip.”
For info visit https://www.facebook.com/hollyhumberstonemusic/
June 26th, 2020