Penfriend – Everything Looks Normal In the Sunshine

Laura Kidd is known for her project She Makes War. Laura ended SMW with her album Brace For Impact in 2018. Now in an appropriate song about staying upbeat in lockdown, Kidd returns with “Everything Looks Normal In the Sunshine” which premiered on May 15.

Kidd says about the song “In the week before the UK lockdown was announced, Tim and I had already decided to stay inside and were adjusting to being around each other all day. I limped through the last few lines of my Morning Pages and picked up my guitar. I felt frustrated and a little bit sulky foot-stampy childish – why did I have to be quiet, anyway? I’m a musician FFS!

I had already picked out a sentence from my morning’s writing and scrawled it across my whiteboard in blood red pen. “Everything looks normal in the sunshine” felt like the germ of something important, and was indeed the portal to a song that assembled itself in a swift and orderly fashion on bashed acoustic guitar with time to spare for me to overhear yet more meeting afterwards. YAY.” For info visit

May 17th, 2020