This weekend I watched Global Citizen’s One Earth Together at Home. It was inspiring and hopeful and different from any other global concert I’ve seen. I remember Live Aid, Farm Aid, Live 8, and Live Earth. It was mindblowing to see concerts on huge stages with thousands of people being broadcast to the world. It was a feeling of unity and togetherness. Together at Home was different. The stories that were inspiring were from the front line workers: the doctors and nurses. The songs, many of them covers, were hopeful but lacked the energy of a live show. Today there is more talk of what an artist’s home or studio looked like than the message. That was not the case in 1985 when I saw Live Aid. 
We are living in “interesting times.” I’ve gone from barely sleeping and out every night to asleep early and well-rested. The artists I love are doing live streams to stay alive. I’ve made it my mission to put out resources for artists (not just musicians) on free money to make it through this crisis. On Wednesday one friend I know asked if I’d heard of anyone getting local money from these resources. I haven’t. There aren’t press releases for that. I think most artists desperately want the money but don’t want to admit to being in a dire situation. It is a matter of pride and self-worth. It is also a message of hope. If one artist hears that another got money from an organization it brings hope that their application can be accepted. If you know people who have received money from local, state, private organizations (including those on FEMMUSIC COVID-19 Resources list) please tell me. I want to show those signs of hope so others can see. 
Alex Teitz
May 1st, 2020