Letter From The Editor – April 2020

At the end of 2019 I decided to discontinue my “Unfinished Mail” column. I was running out of things to say and I didn’t feel it added anything relevant to FEMMUSIC. Then 2020 happened or more precisely, COVID-19. The world has been turned upside down in way unimaginable to everyone. I know many friends out of work. Years ago I started Live World Magazine as a way to expand FEMMUSIC. It never took off. Live World describes how I am. I live for live performance. The music, the energy has fed me through some of my hardest times. Now the clubs are silent and we live in a fear of social contact. 
There are some changes to FEMMUSIC during the pandemic. I’ve suspended the Festival of the Month section until we have festivals again. I will continue to have the COVID-19 Grants and Resources for Artists links for as long as they are necessary. I’ve slowed down during the crisis. Being cooped up never really fit me so I feel like I’m working through my own depression. That said, the show will go on. The music doesn’t stop and neither will I. I continue to hunt for new artists and will bring them to you. 
Alex Teitz
April 1st, 2020