5 Artists to See at Australian Music Week

Sydney, Australia

November 6-10, 2019


FEMMUSIC once again previews Australian Music Week. This 3 day festival includes 150 artists and a conference bringing the topics of the industry. The festival includes veterans like Petra Caswell & Jackie Marshall mixed with newcomers like Jess Spajr. Here are some of our top picks of artists to see:

Ange – From Barcelona to Australia, Ange brings a refreshing R & B pop sound. She is working on her debut EP. https://www.angmusica.com/

Arna Georgia –  Georgia released her debut EP Midnight Carousel in 2017. She is a country singer-songwriter with quick wit and imaginative lyrics. https://www.arnageorgia.com/

Mardi Wilson – Wilson is a Brisbane Alt Folk musician. She has been touring and is now working on recording new material https://www.mardiwilson.com/

Rebel Fox – Rebel Fox recently released “Perfect Storm” the first song off their upcoming EP. This duo is folk country heading somewhere between Civil Wars & Shovels & Rope. https://www.rebel-fox.net/

Tiali Eliza – Eliza comes from the Central Coast and has a mix of alternative rock mixed with jazz. It is something that is revolutionary. https://www.tialieliza.com/



November 1st, 2019