Welcome to Fall

Unfinished Mail – October 2019

I write this on September 27 which is much too close to the deadline for the new issue. It’s been a rough month. I had surgery on Friday the 13th and felt like I lost a week because of it. Losing a week during the summer is insane. Our industry moves too fast for that lax time. The good news is the October issue is here. The bad news is November is breathing down my throat and it’s a busy one. November marks our previews of 2 Australian Music Festivals – Australian Music Week & Melbourne Music Week. We also have work of some great female shows in NYC in both October and November. 
I’ve been having this discussion a lot recently. Placement in non-traditional areas. The exercise group Peloton recently was sued for copyright infringement. They have music in their service and haven’t been paying for it. These are stationary bikes, etc… I also received a soundtrack for a book recently and even heard of a wine and playlist combo. When we talk placement we usually mean TV & movies. Getting a song in a popular movie usually causes movement in the industry. What does placement in a good book do? Books have trailers as do comic books. Can you get your music in there? Think outside the box and get placement in places where your fans live. That may change with your demographic. 
Fall is officially here so we begin the period of early sunsets and long nights…filled with music. My 2020 calendar is already exploding with shows. Fall traditionally means the wrapping up of touring season and the beginning of recording season. What have you learned over the summer? What songs have played out well? What needs work? 
Alex Teitz
October 1st, 2019