5 Artists to See at the 4th Annual Loud Women Fest

Loud Women Fest

5 Artists to See at the 4th Annual Loud Women Fest

The Dome & Boston Music Room

London, UK

September 14, 2019


Founded by Cassie Fox in 2015 Loud Women has grown from a DIY platform to a worldwide revolution. It now has chapters in NY, LA & Australia. For the 4th Annual Loud Women Fest, 21 artists will play on 2 stages. The artists come from the UK, USA, Europe, and Turkey. Here are some of our picks:

Petrol Girls – This feminist hardcore band released Cut & Stitch in May and will be releasing a single to give Brexit its just desserts on October 31, 2019. https://www.facebook.com/Petrolgirls/

Hurtling – This 3 piece is releasing Future From Here in October and recently released the track “Summer” https://www.hurtlingband.com/

The Txlips –  This 6 piece band from Atlanta released Queens of the New Age and has been gaining a following http://www.txlips.com/

Pleasure Venom – This Austin punk band is led by Audrey Campbell and is known for their controversial songs and videos including “Hive” and “Deth.” https://www.facebook.com/pvtheband/

ARXX – This 2 piece garage punk band recently released the singles “Iron Lung” and YGWYW (You Got What You Want)  https://www.arxxband.com/

September 11th, 2019