Why Am I Still Doing This?

Why Am I Still Doing This?
Oops! We screwed up. For months we’ve been telling people that FEMMUSIC’s 20th Anniversary was in August. We were wrong. It is now. July 2019. After 20 years senility must finally be setting in. Over the course of this month, we will be adding tidbits to the website. They are our history. Every time I look at the history of FEMMUSIC the story gets longer as I realize more elements made it come into being. I did not expect it to last 6 months let alone 20 years. Now I look back and forward and am amazed at what we’ve done. 

I just came from a weekend of catching a TV festival and different concerts every night. Even at my most exhausted on Sunday, I was still with fire in my eyes for the next act. Tonight I go to a dive bar to see some bands I’ve never heard of. After 20 years I still consider it my passion to find new acts on the way up. I’ve become an advocate, activist, pain in the ass to many people over time. From day one FEMMUSIC has had competitors. I am glad to see every single one. There is more music available than ever before. If I had a staff of 100 I couldn’t begin to crack what it out there. I live and breathe music every day. 

FEMMUSIC would not be possible if not for the people supporting us. When I first launched the website I made a point of a hidden page of thank you’s. I have to begin by thanking David Barber who is my webmaster, photographer, mentor, partner-in-crime. After 20 years we haven’t killed each other and still continue to do this. A huge thank you to my current group of photographers including Veronica Lee, Justine Johnson, Becca Martinez, David Barber, Will Elmore, and Lisa Dibbern. I also have to thank every writer and photographer we’ve worked with in the past. It has been my pleasure to see them evolve and grow and find their passion. 
I’m not sure what the next 20 years will hold but as long as I can stand up and badly dance I will be going to shows and finding new artists. 
Alex Teitz

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