FEMMUSIC Scrapbook – Grrl Rock

grrl rock cover Oct-98

Before FEMMUSIC there was GRRL ROCK. This print ‘zine was started by Jessica Ciokan & Kristin Paskowski in October of 1998. The second we saw it, we wanted to join. For a few months I worked as a freelancer for GRRL ROCK and was coming up with new ideas daily. Sadly GRRL ROCK only lasted three issues. I’ve been in contact with both Jessica and Kristin over the years. 
Yes. FEMMUSIC started as GRRL ROCK when we went online. It was a surprise to us when Carla A Desantis of ROCKRGRL confronted us saying GRRL ROCK was too similar a name and we would have to change. It was because of that confrontation that FEMMUSIC was born in July of 1999. I consider the name change one of the best things that happened to us. It stopped us from being singled out for ROCK and allowed us to explore all areas of women in music, and the arts. 
July 1st, 2019