15 Artists to See at Canadian Music Week

Canadian Music Week

Toronto, ON

May 6-12, 2019


This year’s Canadian Music Week is overflowing with artists including Azealia Banks, Sunflower Bean, LA Witch and more. Here are 15 artists who should also get your attention:

Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass – This Japanese band is more rock than punk with purpose driven lyrics. https://akabane-vulgars.jimdo.com/

Alsndra – This Toronto artists brings female gangster style with an empowering sound. https://soundcloud.com/alsndra6

Art d’Ecco – Art D’Ecco is a glam rock artist whose music is filled with original arrangements. Much more than a sight for the eyes. http://artdeccomusic.ca/

Annie Sama – Annie Sama is a producer who is also involved in music and fashion. The music is bold with hints of a revolution. https://www.anniesama.com/

Bronswick – This pop 2 piece is synthpop with captivating vocals of Catherine Coutu. https://www.facebook.com/bronswick/

Cheap Tobacco – This Polish band is one of the stars to watch in this year’s festival. They have been awarded being Poland’s top Blues band 3 years in a row and have toured internationally. This is Blues of Jack White meets Wolf Alice. http://cheaptobacco.pl/

Denver Haylee – Denver Haylee brings a jazz soul to R & B that hooks you from the first note. https://cmw.net/music/artists/denver-haylee/

Ella Mar – This Israeli artist will be releasing her full length album this year. She has studied jazz and it brings a lyric driven shadow to her music. http://ellamarmusic.com/

Grizzly Coast – Alannah Kavanagh leads this rock band whose recent video “Half Light Boy” is featured this month on FEMMUSIC. https://www.grizzlycoastmusic.com/

Joan Smith and the Jane Does – This rowdy Toronto rock band is the fight waiting to erupt. http://www.thejoansmith.com/

Little Coyote – Teagan Johnston is a Toronto artist who recently did a European tour. Her music is edgy alternative that pricks your ears up. https://www.littlecoyotemusic.com/

Madison Olds – This Canadian singer-songwriter should be on everyone’s radar with songs including “Blue” and “Thank You.” https://www.madisonolds.com/

Man In Motion – This Mexican electronic project has thriving beats with the vocals of Sarmen Almond. http://maninmotionmusic.com/

Sorrey – Emilee Sorrey fronts this shoegaze band from Prince Edward Island. They will be releasing their full length album later this year. https://www.facebook.com/esorrey/

The Greeting Committee – Addie Sartino is the frontwoman to this band who plays exploratory lyrics with soaring beats. http://www.thegcband.com/

Your Girl Pho – Phoebe Gunson is an Australian artist with a large vocal range and the music to fill it. https://www.facebook.com/yourgirlpho/

April 29th, 2019