Kara Connelly – Let Me Go

In Connolly’s latest track, she addresses codependency, pulls away from the paralyzing and gripping expectations of others (as well as her own fearful thoughts), and steps into the autonomy of being herself and confidently making her own decisions despite what anyone else, even those closest to her, may say or think. “Usually, people sincerely believe that what they’re either encouraging or discouraging is in your best interest, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually right for you. Let them do them and you do you,” she states. “I wanna hear my heart break, make my mistakes, choose what to believe and my own way,” Kara belts in Let Me Go, exuding the type of strength that is so often found in vulnerability.

Kara Connelly – Let Me Go

Cover Art designed by Jack Litchfield on Betsy Newman’s photo

“I tend to write about direct personal experience, but Let Me Go was actually inspired by a friend whose parents were not accepting of who he is and were resisting allowing him to grow into the person he wanted to be. It goes out to anyone who feels the need to break free of a habit, pattern, or person holding them back, anyone in need of a little self-love—flaws and all, and anyone who feels the pull to forge their own path despite adversity. You are allowed to believe what you believe (or not believe what you don’t), to love who you love, to pursue whatever dream it is you want to pursue, and to, most of all, not feel sorry about it,” Kara declares.

The song is a part of Connolly’s debut record, Life in Rear View, out May 17th. For info visit https://www.karaconnolly.com/

April 19th, 2019