In Flux

Unfinished Mail – April 2019

In Flux
As we go screaming into April, my mind is still stuck in March. March, of course, was Women’s History Month and also International Women’s Day. As usual, on March 8 my inbox was flooded with songs to celebrate International Women’s Day. This year I viewed it like seeing the Christmas displays after Thanksgiving. It was pushed too hard and felt over-marketed. Since International Women’s Day we’ve posted some of the videos we received but not all. It’s a funny thing about empowerment. It shouldn’t be forced. 
At the same time, I received word that the Titwrench Collective is in flux. This collective has done an annual festival for a decade. They are one of many organizations I’ve seen dedicated to getting women musicians heard. 
March also found me moving from my apartment of 15 years. That may be one reason April may have delayed interviews and articles. I’m hoping by the time this posts I will be safe and secure at my new apartment ready to conquer the world. 
Alex Teitz
April 1st, 2019