A Plethora of Riches    

Unfinished Mail – March 2019

Spring is coming this month and with it the full return of the festival season. In the past 2 weeks, I’ve been flooded with album and show announcements from some of my favorite artists including Tacocat, Weyes Blood, Charly Bliss, and others. The news is coming so quick it is impossible to keep up with. It is mid-February and I need another month to do the March issue. This month is SXSW which is most of the music for the year bottled in one location. Every year I take great pride in previewing what is to come. These days I’m on information overload. It will be the trend from now until November. 
If you’re a musician you should still be applying for festivals, and finishing any recording to be released in March, April & May. Booking should be in high gear. 
Next month we will be on the cusp of summer and will be previewing festivals in Canada & Washington, DC. 
Alex Teitz
March 1st, 2019