Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Welcome to 2019! It’s a few days before and I’m scrambling for deadline. The holidays always make it rough. In the past week I read a book about the Altamont disaster in 1969 as well as seeing reports of Woodstock getting ready for a 50th Anniversary. Let’s hope it goes better than Woodstock 1999. 
January & February are usually quiet for the music biz. People are home recording and doing home shows. There are also the big awards shows. March is when the insanity begins. Normally during Jan & Feb I like to do big expansive pieces. I hope to do another this year. 
After another year of shows I’m wondering if I should write the book on the young woman artist set. I’ve been seeing it all year and can practically predict it. The artist is usually signed and looks coached in the set. The set will hit the following notes:
1. Have you ever felt like no one understands you?
2. Have you ever felt like you’re alone?
3. Here’s the song for lovers or for loving yourself
4. Here is the women’s empowerment song
The set will be book-ended by singles that are usually danceable. I’ve seen this same set in small and large venues, with openers and headliners, and in different genres. It feels staged and fake now. It also feels like every label knows the set. I’m hoping for 2019 they will change it up. 
This month we are previewing 3 festivals. Brandi Carlile’s Girls Wanna Weekend, globalFEST & GirlSchoolLA. We are waiting for the lineup on Girlschool which happens in late January. I need to start reviewing the showcase bands for SXSW for our preview in March. 
That’s all the random thoughts from my desk. Happy New Year!
Alex Teitz
January 1st, 2019