Close of 2018


Unfinished Mail – December 2018

It’s mid-November and 2019 is calling with a lot of the same headlines as 2018. There are new artists who are already creating a buzz. There are artists who haven’t had albums in years coming back. There are already summer tours announced. I just finished the Best Of list today. Every year it should be the easiest thing to do, and it is the hardest. There are stories throughout the year in the list. One surprise to us was that our Runners Up in the Rock Category are both bands that don’t have a woman singer. Our Jazz category has a mix of a flutist, an instrumental, and a band without a drummer. We saw a number of Hip Hop artists this year and considered making them their own category. Instead they are mixed among the Best Of…
As we approach Thanksgiving the touring season is finally winding down. Last month I began to get burned out. It’s been a long year and we have a handful of shows before it is 2019. I’ve already started to pre-order albums for 2019 and have some shows I can’t wait to see. December things will slow down, even for us. It won’t really pick up again until late February. 
Have a good holiday and look for more in 2019
Alex Teitz
December 1st, 2018